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Q: When can I register my child to play?

A: The registration period for all divisions except Babe Ruth Baseball (13-18 year olds) typically runs from January through early March each year. The Babe Ruth Baseball division also opens in January but will not close until April as that season starts and ends differently. Keep an eye out for the REGISTRATION banner on the home page.


Q: How much does it cost to register?

A: $40 for all divisions except Babe Ruth Baseball which is $80. There is a $5 discount for each additional child registrered.


Q: Will there be any other fees that I will have to pay?

A: No. The MYBSL makes every effort to keep our registration fee very low. We have great support from the area business community who sponsor our teams. Please be sure to tell them "thank you for supporting the MYBSL". 


Q: May I request my child be placed on the same team as another player?

A: Yes. The MYBSL makes every effort to accommdate these requests but we cannot fulfill them all. Siblings or relatives are obvious parings. If transportation needs are present, we have accommodated that also. Simply enter this information in the "COMMENT" box after selecting the player's jersey size.


Q: How do I know what team my child will be on?

A: Teams will be drafted after registration closes. Coaches will contact all parents to provide information related to the team, practice schedule, equipment and uniform needs.


Q: What equipment will my child need to play?

A: The minimum you will need to provide for your child is typically baseball pants, shoes/cleats, and a glove. The MYBSL does supply each team with a number of bats and batting helmets. 


Q: When will practices be?

A: Practices will take place April. The practice schedule is based upon the number of teams and field needed. The coach will then communicate this to their team's parents along with other important information.


Q: Which nights will my child play and will they have to travel to another town?

A: Games are played on weeknights other than Wednesdays. Most divisions will have out of town play in Aurora and Mt. Vernon only. Tee ball players play in Monett only. Babe Ruth Baseball's travel is based upon towns participating each year. Here is a breakdown of each division's schedule:

MYBSL game nights

Division Weeknights Travel?
Tee Ball Tuesday & Thursday No
Baseball-Rookie (8U) Tuesday & Friday Yes
Baseball-Minor (10U) Monday & Thursday Yes
Baseball-Major (12U) Tuesday & Friday Yes
Softball 8U Tuesday & Friday Yes
Softball 10U Monday & Thursday Yes
Softball 12U Tuesday & Friday Yes
Softball 14U & 16U Monday & Thursday Yes
Babe Ruth Baseball (13-18) TBD Yes


Q: I heard there is an Opening Ceremony. Is this true? If so, what is it?

A: Yes! The MYBSL is proud of it players and coaches and we want to showcase them. The Friday before our season begins, the MYBSL will schedule an Opening Ceremony.   Each player is entitled to a FREE hot dog, chips, and drink (this is usually under the US flag between fields 4 & 5). Other fun and games have been scheduled in the past... one year, we even had a movie night - "Angels in the Outfield" of course! We'll let you know what we have planned for this year.


Q: How long is the MYBSL season?

A: ALL DIVISIONS EXCEPT BABE RUTH (13-18): Our regular season typically begins on the first week of May.  The season will end no later than the 3rd week of June.  BABE RUTH (13-18) Usually plays within the month of June. All game nights are double-headers to ensure the minimum ten games are played.


Q: Does the MYBSL provide team and player photographs?

A: Yes! The MYBSL partners with a photographer to take individual and team photos. Information will be shared from your coach regarding picture day and ordering details.


Q: There is so much going on. How can I stay up-to-date on the MYBSL events?

A: This is easy-peezy. Simply LIKE the MYBSL Facebook page and FOLLOW us on Twitter... that's it! You know what to do after that. wink or should we say "yes"?


Q: What about rainouts?

A: We only like rain on Wednesdays, on weekends, or early in the mornings - we forbid it to rain at game times HA HA HA... you don't believe that for a minute do you? When we have a rainout all coaches will be informed and they will contact parents with information regarding make up games, if known. You can also get fast updates when you LIKE the MYBSL Facebook page or FOLLOW us on Twitter


Q: Is there a certain kind of bat allowed?

A: Yes. 

Division Requirement
Tee Ball USA Baseball TeeBall Stamp
Cal Ripken Baseball

USA Baseball marking

2 5/8" barrel maximum - NO BBCOR bats

Babe Ruth Baseball 13-15

USA Baseball marking

or BBCOR .50 2 5/8" barrel

Babe Ruth baseball 16-18

All bats must be BBCOR .50 

No greater than 3" barrel

Softball Marked as "Official softball bat" or "Official Fastpitch bat"


Q: I love Monett, I love baseball and softball, and I love the MYBSL - how can I help to make sure it remains strong?

A: Wow! That is such a great question and we are so glad you asked. The MYBSL is run almost entirely by volunteers; many of whom have day jobs. We would love to have you contact us to see what you can do to help. Many of the things we need don't involve baseball or softball specifically. There are many things we do to make each season great and it takes people to make that happen; this website is one example. Send us an email to if you would like to know more. You know you do!

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